Strategic Marketing Group


The purpose of the HBW Strategic Marketing Group is to provide HBW producers & partners with high quality marketing assistance for life insurance and financial planning. To provide the HBW producer & partner with tools, education, training, case design, carrier sponsored programs, support, and guidance with prospecting and placement of not only life insurance cases but hard to place cases as well as higher end complex cases. In the ever changing world of insurance and financial services it is good to have an experienced and profession back office to support you and your efforts.


HBW Strategic Marketing Group has been designed to achieve increased revenue and additional growth outlets for HBW producers and partners. Provide training for enhanced marketing, new prospecting, and higher end cases. To provide HBW end clients with a more in-depth financial portfolio of protection and advice.


The Advanced markets side of the HBW Strategic Marketing Group consists of the following aspects:


Marketing Program and Assistance – There are literally hundreds of planning and sales opportunities which may or may not be product or carrier specific. Wrapped within each are dozens of potential programs or approaches. HBW SMG can assist the vetting of these programs to enable producers/partners to focus on what has a tried and true success. Associated with is the familiarization with what our carrier partners’ offer associated within. The HBW SMG can also help HBW producers/partners in building their own programs and guidance as to the area of focus.

Sales & Support Case Design – Once the concept is decided upon there is the design of the case. Some concepts require a higher degree of proficiency, ability, and expertise to ensure proper design. In some cases its working with a partner carrier or TPA to help with the design. This is often a stumbling block for many planners as well as a critical piece of doing the right job for the client. In addition to design is the discussion about approach and solicitation. Helping the producer/principal feel confident about the program and giving advice and assistance.

Partnered Sales – In many circumstances an agent/producer may not feel comfortable with an advanced case scenario. HBW SMG can provide boots on the ground assistance. We can achieve this through utilizing experienced professionals who can help with initial solicitation, meetings, clients financial professionals (Lawyers, CPAs, etc), as well as help with opening and closing of the case. There would be a compensation hit for the producer with this interaction but it can be quickly seen that in numerous cases it more than equates to a dramatic increase in the producer/principals net earnings and additional provide on the job training for future cases.

Training on & Vetting of Ideas – As mentioned there are numerous sales ideas and techniques. HBW SMG can provide a platform to offering ongoing training to producer/principals. For an example, HBW university on advanced concepts that would educate as well as provide competence training on concepts. Since there are numerous concepts in the market not all of them are valid or even advisable. The HBW SMG can help with venting ideas and concepts to protect both the producer as well as HBW. Utilizing both external sources as well carrier attorneys who are prevalent and conversant on many concepts. HBW SMG can be a coordinator of these conversations and concepts. Concept Selling

Programs – Providing packaged “seminar in a box” solutions, pre and post marketing solicitations, materials, platforms, and assisted marketing. Assisting the HBW producers/principals in development of their own advanced marketing efforts. Evaluating the various and many tools that are available in the market and vetting the ones which will provide the maximum impact for their efforts.

Go-To Answer Desk– Providing the HBW Partner/producer an outlet for generalized questions. Providing an outlet for on the fly questions about advanced cases. Sometimes it’s just the simple questions that can open doors to entering into new markets. Having someone to talk to encourage making a small step in the direction of increased revenue. Advanced Case Examples could be seen as, but not limited to: Estate planning Wealth preservation Trusts FLPs CRT Charitable giving COLI/BOLI Leveraged plans/premium financing Business solutions Sec 79 Funded buy sell Succession planning Family buyouts Accounts receivable planning Estate Freezes Strategic Alliances.

As for Strategic Alliances HBW will help Producers and Partners develop this powerful lead generation engine. HBW will help you to uncover, develop, negotiate and design a specific and tailored revenue source for not only the HBW producer/partner, but for the strategic alliance as well.


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