Recently, I had the pleasure and honor of attending a dinner on Capitol Hill in Washington DC. The event was the final night of the annual conference for college students, held by the Young America's Foundation (YAF) in Washington DC. The organization owns the Reagan Ranch which is the third largest privately protected Presidential property behind Mount Vernon and Monticello. The overriding goal of the organization, along with preserving the Ranch and Reagan's legacy, is to give college and high school students a chance to meet with like-minded students and learn from leaders who believe in free-enterprise, capitalism, and conservative principals. Along with Vice President Mike Pence, speakers this year included Ben Carson (HUD Secretary), Mike Lee (Senator from Utah), Rand Paul (Senator from Kentucky), Kellyane Conway (Counselor to the President), and Nigel Farage (Leader of UKIP and Brexit).

The generation that knew Reagan as their President is aging, students today are taught very little about Reagan and what they are taught is often wrong. YAF believes that now is the time to strengthen the preservation of the Ranch and educate young people at the Ranch in Santa Barbara, as well as conduct outreach activities across the country and on college campus chapters. As you can tell by the lineup of speakers, this vision is shared by conservative leaders in our country, and globally!

In the conversation with Vice President Pence, the VP made special emphasis on the administration's efforts to pull back on regulation in an effort to make America's businesses more competitive. He also went to great lengths to talk about the importance (and urgency) in putting together a tax reform plan and tax reduction plan. He committed that this administration, along with Congress would accomplish exactly that!  This aspect is very important in conjunction with my work for HBW Partners and Cetera.

Thomas F. Streiff, CFP. CLU, ChFC
President TFS Resources LLC
Special Consultant to Barney Hellenbrand