The HBW Dream

Rex & Diana Hoover
Rex & Diana Hoover

What makes HBW so special? We believe it is the people involved and the relationships they develop. Think about our close friends, Rex and Diana Hoover. Rex and Diana had never been on any company trip for all the years they were working in this industry since the mid 1980’s, until they joined HBW in 1995. In fact, after being in the business for 10 years prior to joining HBW, Rex was actually starting over for the 4th time. Now twenty plus years later, Rex says that HBW is a place where you can build your career. In all the years since they have been with us, not only have they never missed an HBW trip, but they have been to Hawaii several times, various cruises, unbelievable resorts and even Europe. Rex and Diana have become financially independent while at the same time, helping to take care of their own family including parents, children, grandchildren, friends, church, etc.

Rex and Diana Hoover live in a tiny town of 1,300 people in the Texas panhandle and travel so much that people comment that they are surprised to see them when they are around town. Rex has been able to fulfil a childhood dream of owning a ranch with hundreds of head of cattle, which was simply a fantasy prior to HBW.

Sue and Joel Broersma
Sue & Joel Broersma

Joel and Sue Broersma in Michigan are another touching example of the HBW Dream. Joel had been successful in this industry prior to joining HBW, but was frustrated because none of the people that he had recruited were being successful at his prior company. Also, Joel was spending unbelievably long hours earning a living and was frustrated about missing his kids growing up. After he joined HBW, suddenly Joel’s people started having unprecedented success, even as Joel was doing better than ever. More importantly, Sue was in tears at an early HBW meeting while telling those in attendance that in addition to how well they were doing financially at HBW, their kids had their Daddy back. Joel was much more available to his children and family. His team was succeeding, his family was happy, and Joel became a key leader at HBW as well as an important person in his community and church. Joel, Sue, and their children experience a life today that they may not have imagined before. This is simply because Joel cared so much about the people he worked with that he was willing to make a change to help them succeed, changing his life as well. Today, because of his great character and extreme success, Joel is now President of both our securities company, HBW Securities, LLC and HBW Tax Services.

It is said that unsuccessful people love money and use people and successful people love people and use money. All of these folks fall into the latter category, using money simply as a tool to lead the life they choose and support the people and causes that are important to them. Lifestyle, freedom, purpose, joy and love are bi-products of building and creating a fulfilling life as opposed to just earning a living.

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